chicken wings

Delicious 2-Ingredient Slow Cooker Chicken Wings

While chicken wings were never a staple in my family, I do enjoy them! There’s something so… I don’t know… almost patriotic feeling about them? That might be because I relate them to the big barbecue holidays like 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. One of my dearest friends in the world is […]

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You Won’t BELIEVE How Simple These Spanikopita Morsels Are!

The first time I had spanikopita it was the frozen kind from Trader Joe’s. I was immediately hooked! My mom and I never really had conventional or traditional American dinners. It was just the two of us, and then my brother who ate a different meal. Whenever I could convince my mom to buy those […]

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Ground Turkey and Chinese Green Bean Stir Fry

Healthy and Flavorful 30-Minute Ground Turkey and Chinese Green Bean Stir Fry

There aren’t many times when my SO has heard of food that I have never heard of, I mean outside of the weird formal names for monkey brains and such. One common food that I had never, well, I don’t want to say never because I probably had heard of it before, but a food […]

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chicken alfredo bake

This Creamy, Cheesy, Chicken Alfredo Bake Is So Simple It Will Quickly Become A Staple!

I’ve been working closely with kids for almost 3 years now. My experience ranges from infants all the way up to 8th graders. I’ve seen a lot in the last three years due to working in both public schools and at daycares. One thing that I have learned is that nothing brings kids (no matter […]

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chow mein

An Amazing Chow Mein Dish in 5 Easy Steps!

My parents divorced when I was pretty little about 6 years old. I never took it hard. It just meant that I got more one-on-one time with each. Also, it’s pretty awesome to go from a screaming, hate-filled household to two calmer, more peaceful ones. Because of my parents’ divorce, I was able to have […]

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Watch: No Bake Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

Know what I love more than cheesecake? Oreo cheesecake! I know a lot of people are starting to boycott. I won’t get into it here. This is not a political web site. But I do feel that I at least need to acknowledge that some of you lovely readers aren’t ok with Oreos anymore. Well, […]

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Chicken Chimichangas in 30 Minutes!

Chimichangas always make me think of my great grandma. She was around until I was 16. So there were quite a few years in there getting to know her as best a kid can get to know an old person. My family has always been very close. We used to see each other almost once […]

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berry peach cobbler

A Summer Staple: Fresh Berry Peach Cobbler

Summer is my absolute favorite time of year because that’s when all of the produce is ripe and in season. It becomes more affordable. My body always feels best when it’s warm, and I have some fresh produce to munch upon. Some of my favorites to munch? Berries (of all sorts!) and peaches. How perfect […]

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fried chicken

Can You Think of Something More Southern Than Sweet Tea Fried Chicken? YUM!

You can’t get much more southern than this sweet tea fried chicken! If there’s anything that brings The South to mind, it’s sweet tea and friend chicken. Yum and YUM! Southern-fried chicken – there’s nothing quite like it. And there’s no one standard recipe for this delightful comfort food. Wherever you go in the South, you’re […]

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