Hearty, Homemade 16-Bean and Ham Soup

16-Bean and Ham Soup

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Who still has leftover ham? I do, but we didn’t have ham for Christmas! My friend made the most delicious ham I’ve ever had. He smoked it, and he put on this lovely rub. I don’t even know. He is an amazing cook, and makes me look bad, haha! He’s great, and I so appreciate the SIX POUNDS of ham he gave our little household.

That being said, I’m not sure we can finish all that ham before it gets bad. So what to do with a bunch of meat? Make it into soup of course!!

While I love a light, yet cozy soup, my SO loves a hearty, deep, thick soup. That type of soup seemed fitting for the robust flavors that this ham has. My SO also really loves beans, which I rarely make. So I decided to try a 16-bean and ham soup!

Check out the recipe at the link below.

Visit the link below for the recipe.

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