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Cooking Bacon In The Oven Is Easy & Healthier Than Frying


Some реорlе dіdn’t rеаlіzе bacon соuld bе сооkеd іn the оvеn, ѕо thе оnе ԛuеѕtіоn I аlwауѕ rесеіvеd wаѕ hоw ѕіmрlе іѕ іt to сооk bасоn іn the oven? Child’s рlау mу dеаr Watson. Turn your оvеn оn tо 375 degrees аnd allow іt to рrе-hеаt. Place the bасоn on...

6 Popular Oven-Fried Chicken Recipes


Fried chicken – how we love fried chicken. Although many consider it to be more of a summer dish, great for picnics and for dining outdoors, I’d say it’s really a year-round kind of food, to be enjoyed whenever you want. Some of us opt to fry our chicken in...

Beef and Dumplings

Beef and Dumplings


Chicken and dumplings is a classic. It’s essentially a creamy chicken stew with the most delectable bites of doughy bread (if you make that type of dumpling). It’s warm and comforting. So why can’t this be done with beef? Since chicken and dumplings is really just a chicken stew. Why...

Six Delectable Desserts

Six Delectable Desserts

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Desserts! Ahhh, desserts! I love how you are always there for me when I’m stressed and aching. Way to step up your game in my greatest times of need. You’re good in the morning, afternoon, evening, and underneath the moon! (Sorry, we sing Skidamarink at work a lot.) These are...



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1-Pot Creamy Garlic Spaghetti


Spaghetti – Spaghetti – Spaghetti! One of the reasons why I love spaghetti is it’s so easy to make, and it always turns out fabulous when you make it right. Take this one-pot creamy garlic spaghetti. It may seem plain to you, but it’s quite creamy and flavorful. And because it’s...