Beef Tenderloin Prepared in Flavorful Dry Brine

beef tenderloin

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Did anyone else have a really hard time with meat, but beef especially as a kid? I mean, like, I was unable to swallow it. I swear I would take the smallest of bites, because I was 4, and 4 year olds can only eat small bites, and I swear they would grow in my mouth. I would chew and chew and chew, and i wouldn’t be able to swallow my steaks, pot roasts, tenderloins, etc. I would just sit there with my cheeks looking like a chipmunk until an adult told me I could spit out my bite. It was that, or try and swallow it, and then I’d choke.  I swear I’m like the only kid who had this problem. 24 years later, and I’m still a little leary of hunks of meat. My mouth is bigger, the bites are still tiny, but I still get a little nervous at the thought of eating hunks of beef, haha. I am an adult, however, and I do it! I do it successfully!

This beef tenderloin was easily the best that I have ever had. It was moist, tender, and the FLAVORS! So amazing! They’re not ones that you always immediately think of, but man, they were AWESOME. I have never once craved beef tenderloin until now…

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