Broiled Lemon Salmon and Asparagus


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I’ve been trying to get better about trying new things lately. Both my SO and I are very happy in the food ruts that we create… until we’re not, and then we’re struggling to figure out what we want to eat instead, haha. This delicious broiled lemon salmon and asparagus dish is one that came out of exploring!

I made it with my friend while my SO was at work. When I cook, and my SO isn’t home, I always send him pictures as a teaser, and a, “This is waiting for you when you want it.” Poor boy. He usually has about 4 hours left of work when he’s getting those messages.

My friend and I started making this dish, and then we realized how incredibly easy and fast it is! It will definitely be going on our to-make-again list! It’s easy, healthy, and generally allergen free!

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