Extra Beefy and Meaty Spaghetti


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This recipe will feed that army of a family you have. I think this would be a great, inexpensive meal for those family dinners at mom and dad’s or grandma and grandpa’s. I remember requesting spaghetti for my birthday dinner before because it was inexpensive and could feed all 10 of us! YUM.

Have a smaller clan to feed? Half or Quarter the recipe with ease.

The sauce you use can make or break your spaghetti dish. No matter how simple the pasta dish is, the sauce you use can make it fabulous. It depends on the people you’re serving pasta to, but I’m sure no one likes watery spaghetti sauce. It has to be rich and chunky, and it has to have deep flavors, just like this beefy spaghetti sauce.

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  1. I like the fact it isn’t cooked so long that has no taste. People don’t understand long cooked sauce has 2 to 3 meaty bones, veal, beef or pork. They cook for a long period in order to have the meat come off the bones and the marrow melt into the sauce. This would be done by people who had bones left from a meal that still had meat on them or people who could get them cheap at the butcher’s after they filleted the meat.

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