Family-Friendly, Cheesy, Kielbasa and Potato Roast

cheesy kielbasa and potato roast

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Winter is often a good excuse to load up on good comfort food, no matter how carby or fatty they are (within reason, of course). You need the added warmth and insulation that these comfort foods can bring. Top on our list of comfort foods is this sausage and potato roast. It’s meaty, hearty, warm and comforting.

Sausage is one of my favorite foods ever! It’s greasy, flavorful, and absolutely delicious. I know that doesn’t sound very appealing, but you’ve had sausage. You know the feels I’m feeling.

Potatoes haven’t always been something that I would eat. Potatoes like these breakfast potatoes are something that I now love! Everything about this dish is absolutely fantastic. One thing that I do with this recipe is I keep my onion in fairly large strips. I love the texture combinations. Really, this dish is great for breakfast or dinner!

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