Pulled Pork French Fries


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Pulled pork is definitely a traditional comfort food. In my book, so are French fries. I am a total French fry snob… or maybe, it’s that I like the cheap French fries, and all of these hand-cut fries that don’t crisp up enough and are flaccid just aren’t my thing. Flaccid fries are the absolute worst in my book!

We have a food cart in town called Potato Champion! They only serve French fries with things on top of them. They of course have poutine, but they also have weird concoctions like PB&J fires, which I have been too afraid to try. Then they also have this amazing pulled pork French fries dish! My friend and I went out there recently, and we are hooked! It’s a total gut bomb, but I am in love!

I’ve figured out how to make a similar version at home! Check out this recipe on the next page.

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