Scrumptious Kiwi Cupcakes

kiwi cupcakes

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I have been on a kiwi kick lately! 1 or 2 a day for about a month. MAN! They are so good!

Very rarely have I ever seen kiwi desserts. Occasionally, I’ve seen a kiwi pie with some cream or something. I don’t know. Really, what I do remember was being young and not really understanding the difference between a key lime pie and a kiwi pie. I wasn’t the smartest kid in the world, and I was easily confused by similar sounding things. And if something was a homophone or homonym, I was lost forever. At any rate, I told my mom I wanted to the kiwi pie. She said it was key lime. I said, “Yeah! That one” still thinking it was kiwi. It was not at all what I wanted or expected. I don’t think I’ve had key lime since, haha.

Long story short, I’m excited about these kiwi cupcakes, and I know little me would have been too. Check out the recipe on the next page.

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