Summer Peach Pound Cake


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One of my favorite things about summer is thisĀ produce. I grew up on a small, urban, organic farm. Fresh produce is something that I grew up on, and that I miss very much now that I don’t have as much access to it. We’re in the PNW so peaches generally aren’t one of those fruits. I did get fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, blackcaps, apples, plums, and figs! Not to mention all the veggies I could scarf down. A true sign of summer for me though is ripe peaches (and nectarines).

I know peach desserts are quite southern. I personally love them, but they have never really been a staple in my life. Every summer I say I need to change that. Since I’m getting closer to enjoying baking, I think I’ll give this a shot come peach season!

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